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With a focus on making the world emission-free, there are attempts being made to transition to cleaner sources of energy from fossil fuels such as oil and coal. 

Natural gas, though belongs to fossil fuels category, emits lower than coal or oil. In fact, it is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, and therefore, has a central role to play in delivering the energy that the world needs in the form of LNG and helping countries progress towards their emission targets.

More than half of future LNG demand is expected to come from countries with net-zero emissions targets as domestic gas reserves deplete and LNG replaces higher emission fuels, tackling air quality concerns and meeting emissions targets. 

In this backdrop, gas is taking the centerstage in global energy mix, and therefore, companies across the gas and LNG value chain must assess their competitive positioning, exposure to market disruptions, and emerging opportunities including:

  • What could be the demand for gas from various consuming sectors amidst the focus on net-zero emission?
  • How the value of gas reserves be optimized with the implementation of different monetization options?
  • How cross-border pipelines can emerge as a viable gas supply option with geopolitics at play?

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Success in the gas and LNG industry requires a complete understanding of supplier and competitor portfolios and in-depth knowledge of market conditions. With our comprehensive analysis of the world’s gas and LNG framework, we can help you identify investment opportunities in a complex market.

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