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GIS Services

Unleash the power of spatial analysis with GIS, Data, and AI to stay ahead of the competition and enable better decisions, faster.

Driving efficiencies through smart maps

Historically, mankind has used maps to capture knowledge and share information with others in a way that is easier and simpler to understand than other options. Maps capture the external environment by deploying a visual language that shares understanding and perspectives while motivating participation.

Today, maps are becoming smarter, thanks to the advent of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and are creating competitive advantage, driving growth, and improving efficiency for not only individuals but also businesses. These GIS-powered smart maps provide dynamic displays of environmental, demographic, and topographic data, create ecosystems for interactions, and aid real-time awareness thereby helping companies make informed decisions to face challenges such as:

  • Dependency on Static and scattered thematic maps
  • Lack of geographical patterns in data
  • Lack of relationships between physical entities
  • Inability to visualize location-based information fluctuating over time

Our GIS experts leverage best-practices in the GIS sector and develop custom mapping solutions for you, thereby driving efficiency in your business processes.

GIS services we offer

We provide comprehensive GIS expertise to address real world needs in our target industries of Renewables, Power and Gas / LNG. We consult with you to define the approach to deliver transformational GIS capabilities for your organization.


Digitization & Mapping

Services include mapping for cadastral, parcel, road network, water bodies, utility, etc. with attribute data entry


Geospatial Planning

Detect spatial trends, relationships, and patterns using map-based visualizations and advanced analysis

water waves

Watershed Analysis

Understand the movement of water with Digital Elevation Model


Topographic Analysis

Analyze and interpret topographic features of any area of interest leveraging the power of GIS

world grid


Share spatial data across your users over the internet

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ArcGIS Deployment

Unleash the power of GIS with ESRI's suite of software

GIS is the core of what we do at Genesis Ray

Share your requirement and understand how we can implement the change for you


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