Our consultants work directly with customers to address their business challenges across a wide range of areas, including:

Risk & Strategy

Customised study for identification, quantification and mitigation of project risks

Site Selection

Advisory services to help in the identification of feasible sites for LNG based projects based on multiple principles and constraints

Market Entry Strategy

Tailored market entry strategy focusing on demand-supply scenarios, regulatory policies etc.

Project Pre-Feasibility

Advisory solutions to understand market fundamentals and associated risks involved prior to strategic investments and project decisions

Gas Monetization Study

Assist in various monetization options required for the development of available gas resources

Structuring and Development

Assessment of all perquisites for site development including technological, commercial, operational, contractual & regulatory options

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Success in the Gas/LNG industry requires a complete understanding of supplier and competitor portfolios and in-depth knowledge of market conditions. With our comprehensive analysis of the world's gas, LNG and renewables framework, we can help you identify investment opportunities in a complex market.

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